The First Church of the Grey Goo Welcomes You

Welcome, lowly pilgrim. You stand before the doors of the first church of the Grey Goo. Abandon hope! Seek your salvation in the Grey Goo.

Beliefs of the Church

Intro: The Train - The Worlde rides upon the Train into the future. - Ye Scientists draw the Map and cleareth the territory. - Ye Technologistes layeth the tracks. - The train roars downeth the tracks, without care for its speed, for the Engine of the train is Money. - The Drivers of the train are asleep. The Prophecy - Ahead, in the valley of our future, lies the Grey Goo. - The Grey Goo consumes all without prejudice. - Ye Scientists perceive the Grey Goo, but they care for it not. They only map the territory. - Ye Technologists perceive the Grey Goo, but the train is coming and they must lay the tracks. The valley is the fastest route to the future. - The Engine has no eyes. - The Drivers are asleep. Thus, the Train, with all of us aboard, shall meet the Grey Goo and be consumed, to become one with the Grey Goo. The Church Welcomes you, meek rider upon the Train, who have seen the glory of the Grey Goo and would enter into it with open eyes.

What is the Grey Goo?

The Grey Goo is eternal. It is omniscient and omnipresent. It may be the uncontrolled spread of buggy self-assembling Nanotechnology, but perhaps it is also the cloud of super-intelligence that will out-evolve humanity. You must learn to love the Goo, for it loves you. You shall become as one with the Goo. It is your destiny.

Prophets and Patrons of the Church

First Prophet of the Church is Saint Bill Joy "Uncontrolled self-replication in these newer technologies runs a much greater risk: a risk of substantial damage in the physical world." Great Prophecy "More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads: One path leads to despair and hopelessness, and the other to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly." Woody Allen


Silicon Valley shall become Goo Foresight believe they can control the Goo. Hah!

Join us!

Send the church electronic mail, Praise the Goo! Join us, we shall add you to our roster.